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All our classes are completely hands-on. No lecture classes here! The instructors want to make sure that you know what you are doing and how it feels to the client. They want you to leave the classes confident that you can use your new information immediately. You will get and give during your 6 hours in class. Our class room is equipped with electric lift tables plus overhead and sconce lighting, so you can learn in an environment like your treatment room. We also provide all oil, lotions and handout materials for each class.

Kinesio Taping CE - The range of applications for this ? state of the art ? taping is amazing! From bruising and swelling? to soft tissue pain? or even muscle strengthening, every Massage Therapist needs to know how to do this. Your clients will really benefit from this 21st century approach to their injuries and conditions. In this class you will be shown taping methods for problems such as; low back spasm, patellar tendinitis, lateral epicondylitis, rotator cuff tears, whiplash injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, postural deviations, ankle or foot edema and plantar fasciitis. Instructor: Rick Robinette

Sports Massage for the Cubicle Athlete CE - Maybe they don?t sweat as much or wear warm-up outfits, but office workers also deal with an assortment of bodily issues. It might be overuse with the upper extremities? or maybe disuse for the lower extremities? perhaps it?s even postural overload to the torso. In this workshop, we?ll take a look at some problematic areas: leg muscles and the knee joint, arm muscles and the wrist joint, and ? of course ? the back musculature. Oh, and as a bonus, you can also apply all of this information to your real athlete clients as well! Instructor: Rick Robinette

Reflexology CE - What is Reflexology? Reflexology is a scientific technique of applying pressure to reflexes that have a definite effect on the normal functioning of all parts of the body. Learn about the benefits of reflexology and how to work on your clients hands and feet. Instructor: Cindia Golding

Advanced Deep Tissue Massage CE - You asked for it and we got it! Rick is back with his wealth of knowledge on Deep Tissue Massage. If you really want to know what Deep Tissue Massage is, then this is the real deal. Learn the right techniques to clear all those problem areas on your client. You can give a deep tissue massage without hurting your client or wearing yourself out! If you have never had any deep tissue training or if you have been doing it for years, this class will show you new trick and techniques. Instructor: Rick Robinette

Find it and Fix it: Major Mischief-Makers CESome muscle areas just seem more prone to problems than others. This workshop explores selected muscular locations and offers suitable soft tissue approaches to help with overload and injury. The culprits include: trapezius, levator scapula, rhomboids, pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, splenius capitis, and others. Not only will we be working on these troublesome muscles, but we?ll also take a bit of time to accurately locate them first, using bony landmarks and other key anatomical structures. Join us for a fun class that targets finding key muscles accurately and working with them effectively. Instructor: Rick Robinette

Myofascial Magic CE - Real myofascial massage is both an art and a science. The art is what you do with your hands? the science is understanding how and where to apply your skills. If you?ve been wanting to refine your myofascial massage ? or maybe learn for the first time ? then this workshop is for you. We?ll focus on some important structures throughout the body, including: burdened muscles? troubled tendons? bothered ligaments? distressed fascia. Are you ready to intensify your massage practice and enhance your knowledge of the human body? Sign up today. Instructor: Rick Robinette

Releasing the Rotator Cuff CE - This one-day seminar offers you the tools to give your clients complete freedom from shoulder pain. Learn about rotator cuff injuries, how to release the affected muscles and prevention of future injuries. Experience the power of Peggy Lamb?s innovative Muscle Swimming technique for yourself, practice the skills in class and be confident you can immediately implement this technique in your practice. This course is a must for any therapist interested in helping their clients attain an injury-free state. Manual therapists are at high risk for rotator cuff/shoulder injuries. You will use this information for the rest of your career! Women, please wear a sports bra. 6 CE?s; Texas and NCTMB approved. Instructor: Peggy Lamb

Chair Massage CE - Chair Massage class is back! In this class you will get hands on instruction on how to give your clients relief in the short amount of time available to you plus several techniques that you will feel comfortable using immediately! You will also learn about all the different chairs available, how to use them and their pro's and con's. Sign up and use all the different chairs, plus gain confidence in your chair massage routine!Instructor: Cindia Golding

Lymphatic Massage CE - The pain and discomfort of tissue swelling can frequently be helped with massage. Certain techniques ? when done correctly ? are able to drain congested areas of the body. Join Rick Robinette as he shares ideas for working with most kinds of edema and fluid retention in the legs, arms, face, and torso. Rick will demonstrate easy lymphatic drainage techniques to help with sinus problems, soft tissue injuries, headaches, improve immune function, and more. You will also learn some lymphatic system background and how the right type of massage application can powerfully influence its function. Instructor: Rick Robinette

Thai Massage Techniques for the table CE - Learn techniques that will please your clients and save your hands. This class awards 6 approved CEU hours in TX, LA and AR and awards NCBTMB credits. Specifically designed to help massage therapists incorporate Thai techniques to work effectively and produce a truly uplifting experience for your clients which they will feel right away You will be introduced to Sen lines, anatomy, postural assessment, and energetic concerns. The class is a creative endeavor you are guided through which is open for questions about massage, Thai massage and how to blend this healing art into your table work. The techniques of Thai massage will save your hands and help keep you in better physical condition allowing for a longer, more lucrative career. Sign up Now Instructor: Robert Gardner