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Ellora EZ-Lift Salon Top Table from Earthlite

Our PN: 0101-037




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Product Description

The Ellora's Power Assist Electric Lift Massage Table design makes it simple to adjust your table with your client on it! There are two pneumatic support rods that will help you lift the knees or back with just a pull of the release lever. No more struggling with bars and lifting the weight of the table and your client.

The powerful lift mechanism on the Ellora will lift 650 pounds, but drops low enough that it is ADA Compliant easy for anyone to get on or off the table .

Finally an electric lift table that is Massage Therapy friendly!

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This package does not include headrest, footrest or sidearms. Be sure to add a headrest if you need it.

If you would like a headrest, neck rest and sidearms, select the EZ-Lift Package Ellora Salon Top.