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Our PN: 0400-095

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Product Description

For convenience and ease of use, Kinesio now offers a handy range of pre-cut applications. These are true Kinesio Taping applications, designed to be customized to your unique needs.

Rather than a slap-on application or patch solution, Kinesio Pre-Cuts provide a simple introduction to some basic and easily-understood applications.

  • Pre-Cut Back ? designed to support over stretched back muscles, lower back pain, lumbago and sciatica.
  • Pre-Cut Neck ? designed for neck pain caused by muscle strain or ligament sprain.
  • Pre-Cut Shoulder ? designed to provide support for shoulder muscles, treat rotator cuff injuries and relieve shoulder pain.
  • Pre-Cut Knee ? designed for runner?s knee, provide knee and patella support, and alleviate associated pain and swelling.
  • Pre-Cut Wrist ? designed to provide support for carpal tunnel syndrome, provide wrist support and alleviate associated pain.
  • Pre-Cut Foot ? designed for plantar fasciitis, support of the arch of the foot and alleviate associated pain.