Kinesio Taping  6 CEU's

Kinesio Taping - Learn to help your Client and yourself!

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Product Description

Texas Massage Therapy Continuing Education Class

This 6hr (6 CEU) class runs from 9am - 4pm and is $140.

Kinesiology Taping - The range of applications for this ? state of the art ? technique is amazing! EVERY Massage Therapist needs to take this class. Really! Not only for your clients, but for you. How many of us have had an injury, or sore wrist, ankle, back and still had to go to work? Learn how to tape and give those muscles the strength they need to get you through the day.

From bruising and swelling? to soft tissue pain? or even muscle strengthening. Your clients will really benefit from this 21st century approach to their injuries and conditions. Come find out what the scoop is on this versatile ? and extremely effective ? way of treating client problems beyond the massage therapy session.

Taping Methods Taught during Class: In this class you will be shown taping methods for problems such as; low back spasm, patellar tendinitis, rotator cuff tears, whiplash injury, ankle or foot edema and plantar fasciitis and more!

Instructor: Rick Robinette

You will need to bring to class:
  • Set of Sheets
  • Face Cradle Cover
  • Pair of Scissor
  • Roll of Kinesio Tape (can be purchased morning of class at Body Logic at a discount)
  • Wear/bring running shorts or comfortable shorts and females tank top or sports bra.

    Payment Options:
  • You can pay a $40 non-refundable deposit now to hold your place in class and pay the remaining $100 when you arrive for class.
  • You can pay for the class in full at this time and owe nothing when you arrive for class.

    $40 of the total $140 is considered a deposit, and is non-refundable. Up to 7 days before a class, your deposit can be moved to other classes, but within 7 days of your class, your deposit will be forfeited.