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Small Oil or Lotion Pump for 2oz, 4oz or 8oz Bottles

2oz, 4oz & 8oz Bottle Pump
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Item # 0200-005
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This Locking-Up Pump works great for oil, gel or lotion. This pump comes with a sleeve on the neck that you just turn and it will lock your pump in the closed position.

No more having to push down and twist your pump and loose some of your lotion or oil!

When you are ready to use it again, just twist the sleeve and it is open again. All you have to do is cut the dip tube to fit the size bottle you are using.

Comes with Dip Tube long enough for 8oz bottle but can be cut to fit 4oz or 2oz bottles.

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2oz, 4oz & 8oz Bottle Pump

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