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Complete Review Guide National & State Review Guide for Exams for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork - 7th Edition

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Worried about taking your State or National test? No need! Patrick Barron has covered all the bases in the Review Guide.

The 7th Edition contains updated exam content outlines for the FSMTB, MBLEx, and the NCBTMB. Also covers testing for New York, Ohio and Hawaii.

There is an updated Clinical Massage section, updated Pathology section with more Pharmacology & Nutrition, and an updated Business Practices section with more information on business plans, licensure issues, professional standards, billing practices, insurance, and massage client charting.

It contains more than 256 pages of detailed information, concisely organized into chapters that correspond with the specific exam content outlines presented by every state and national examination. Following each chapter are pertinent multiple-choice review questions.

Patrick has a large test in the book for all massage therapist, along with all the answers. If you can pass the test in the book, you can pass the National or State Exam!