Stabilizing the Core & the SI Joint - Restoring a Stable Base 6 CEU'sClick to magnify
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This Texas Massage Therapy Continuing Education 6 hr (6 CEU) class runs from 9am - 4pm and is $140.

Stabilizing the Core & the SI Joint - Restoring a Stable Base

Instructor: Peggy Lamb

The sacrum is the cornerstone through which the weight of the upper body flows. Eighty-five percent of the population experience pain directly related to SI joint dysfunction. When the SI joint works in harmony with the pelvis a wonderful self-locking device develops allowing us to move with ease and power.

In this one day seminar, instructor Peggy Lamb will guide you through innovative and comprehensive strategies, including osteopathic derived muscle energy techniques and neuro-muscular therapy to restore the core and the SI joint. This hands-on intensive course is essential for anyone who uses manual therapy to achieve optimal outcomes for their clients. 6 CE's.
You will need to bring to class
set of sheets, face cradle cover large towel, bolster, pen/pencil.

Payment Options:
  • You can pay a $40 non-refundable deposit now to hold your place in class and pay the remaining $100 when you arrive for class.
  • You can pay for the class in full at this time and owe nothing when you arrive for class. $40 of the total $140 is considered a deposit, and is non-refundable. Up to 7 days before a class, your deposit can be moved to other classes, but within 7 days of your class, your deposit will be forfeited.