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Herbal Body Wrap Solution - 1 Gallon

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Product Description

Need an Herbal Body Wrap that truly works?

This herbal body wrap solution is very concentrated and will give you results each time!
  • You can perform 14 to 17 body wraps with just one gal of solution. Use one cup of herbal body wrap solution to every 3 cups of water.
  • All natural ingredients that really do detox the body and give you a physical inch loss!
  • Set N Me Free's Herbal Body Wrap Solution works with cotton wrap cloths (not elastic) and is easy to learn!
  • Won't interfere with any medications
  • Can be used on clients with high blood pressure.

    If this is your first time with the Body Wrap then here are some additional items that will be helpful:
  • 1 Body Wrap Training DVD
  • 1 Measuring Pad (75 Sheets)
  • 1 Package of Wrap Fact Brochures (50 per package)
  • 1 Set (12) of Wrap Cloths (Reusable
  • 1 Warming Suit (Reusable)

  • The Aloe Body Wash is the recommended soap for the client to use before they are wrapped.
  • Inch-Loss Solution Gel adds more inch loss to a particular area of the client's choice, or can be used in-between wraps at home.
  • Foot and Callous Rub is a great treatment for the client's feet. Massage their feet during the 45 minute down time - it softens and rejuvenates.