Body Wrap SuppliesInch Loss and Detox Body Wrap
This healthy Detox and Inch Loss Body Wrap program is so easy to do and no shower is needed! This is not a compression wrap so you can wrap anyone with this herbal body wrap and get great results each time.

New to the Set-N-Me-Free Body Wrap System? Get a Body Wrap Starter Kit! Just click on the Body Wrap Starter Kit to read a more detailed description and to get all the supplies you need to get started!

Anyone can add this body wrap treatment to their massage menu and attract new clients! Easy to apply, really works, no shower needed and a great money maker. Much easier on your body as a massage therapist than massage.

With this wrap you won't have to worry about high blood pressure, the back of the knees, varicose veins, or clients with claustrophobic.

Just soak the cloths in the Body Wrap Solution, wrap the body, put the warming suit on and your client is ready to relax and enjoy the wrap. Everyone sees some inch loss and they will notice the detox the next day.