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Herbal Body Wrap Inch Loss Starter Kit

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Product Description

Do you want to add a wonderful service to your massage practice that allows the client to lose 4-17 inches in one wrap? The Set-N-Me-Free All-Natural Aloe based Herbal Body Wrap is the most effective Body Wrap System available!

We have tested many body wraps and this one is still the best. Everyone will see some inch loss plus the great benefit of detoxing the body.

Not only will your clients love the results but YOU will love the profit margin!

This healthy detox and inch loss body wrap program is NOT a compression wrap so you can wrap anyone and get great results each time. You don't have to worry about high blood pressure, varicose veins, or medications that the client may be taking.

The Body Wrap Starter Kit includes the basic supplies required to perform a Set-N-Me-Free Inch Loss/Detox Body Wrap.

  • 1 Body Wrap Training DVD
  • 1 Measuring Pad (75 Sheets)
  • 1 Package of Wrap Fact Brochures (50 per package)
  • 1 Gallon of Body Wrap Solution (Will Last 14-17 Wraps)
  • 1 Set (9) of Wrap Cloths (Reusable)
  • 1 Warming Suit (Reusable)

    While the products in the Set-N-Me-Free Body Wrap Starter Kit are the minimum items required, we suggest using the following items for a more effective Body Wrap experience:
  • The Aloe Body Wash is the recommended soap for the client to use before they are wrapped.
  • Inch-Loss Solution Gel adds more inch loss to a particular area of the client's choice, or can be used in-between wraps at home.
  • Foot and Callous Rub is a great treatment for the client's feet. Massage their feet during the 45 minute down time - it softens and rejuvenates.

    This treatment is easy to add to any massage practice and they supplies are minimal.