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Lovely Strawberry 15 Min Facial Mask

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Product Description

Only 15 minutes!!!! In just 15 minutes, the skin is supplied with sufficient amount of botanical nutrients to soothe and hydrate irritated skin caused by stress and harmful environmental pollutants, leaving skin healthy and glowing.

Triple cushioned sheets maximize comfort fit on the skin and better absorption of ingredients.

  • Lovely Strawberry: rich in malic and ascorbic acid this mask helps to balance oil and moisture content by inhibiting excessive sebum secretion leaving the skin smooth and healthy.

  • Elastic Q10: CoenzymeQ10 is an anti-oxidant that reduces the formation of oxidative stress from aging and environmental factors. Leaves the skin looking more firm and resilient.

  • Brightening Arbutin: Arbutin reduces the appearance of discoloration, while the Vitamin C derivative helps with cell renewal and brightens skin tone.

  • Revital Collagen: Marine Collagen, which is extracted from the ocean, provides nutrition to the skin. Leaves the skin moisturized and more youthful.

  • White Rose: The romantic and elegant Rose keeps the skin bright and maintains a clearer, healthier looking you!