Hot Towel Steamer Set

Portable Hot Towel Steamer Set

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Product Description

Portable lightweight Towel Steamer is ideal for Salons, Massage therapists and Spa work stations. Features a stainless steel base, power indicator light, a 60 minute timer, 15 minute heat-up, and automatic shut-off. Holds up to six 8" x 24" terry cloth towels, which are included.

Great for Facials, Pedicures, Massage or waxing. Hot towels are ready in 15 minutes. Plus it has a safety feature that automatically shuts off the unit when the water is gone. Letting you know that it is time to refill.

How To Use:
  • Step 1 - Roll your face towels and place in the steam chamber (Unlike Towel Warmers, you do NOT need to pre-soak your towels!)
  • Step 2 - Fill the base with water
  • Step 3 - Turn on the timer and towels are ready in 15-20 minutes. Remember, each time you take one towel out simply replace with another so you always have towels ready to be used.
  • If the unit runs out of water or comes to the end of the cycle, simply refill with water and restart!