Hot Towel CabiHot Towel CabiHot Towel Cabi
Hot Towel Cabinets are an incredible way to keep warm and sanitized towels ready at your fingertips. Every Massage Therapist, Chiropractor and Spa should have one of these!

Use your Hot Towel Cabi to heat towels for any facial or body treatment. Clients love the warmth that these towels can provide with your treatment.

  • Mini Cabi holds 12 rolled Hand Towels or 24 Small Towels.
  • Single Cabi holds 24 rolled Hand Towels or 48 Small Towels.
  • Double Plus 48 Cabi holds 48 rolled Hand Towels or 96 Small Towels.
  • Double Plus 48 also has 2 separate heating units. You can use one to heat dry towels and the other to heat wet ones.