Scrubs and MudsScrubs and Muds
Here are all of our body scrubs, muds, and much more. We have muds pre-mixed or some that are powered. There are scrubs that have a fine grit or the dead sea salt that has a larger grit. Some are mixed in with oils, while others are ready for you to blend your own treatment.

Aztec Secret Clay is a wonderful deep cleanser for the entire body. Comfrey Gel is a cure all for everything from sunburns, acne, oily skin, itchy skin, and even for the hair! This Aloe Comfrey Gel is 98% pure Aloe Vera.

All of these products are must haves for massage therapists and for personal use. Try added some to your menu! And don't forget the guys. Muds and scrubs are popular with everyone, year round!