Myrrh Oil

Myrrh Essential Oil by NOW 20% Oil Blend

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Product Description

Myrrh essential oil has a woody, earthy and a bit balsamic musty scent to it and it is fairly strong.

  • Uses: Myrrh oil is effective against excessive mucus in the lungs and helps to clear ailments such as colds, catarrh, coughs, sore throats and bronchitis. It is used for diarrhea, dyspepsia, flatulence and hemorrhoids.

    It is very good for mouth and gum disorders, such as mouth ulcers, pyorrhea, gingivitis, spongy gums and sore throats.

    On the skin, it is used with great success on boils, skin ulcers, bedsores, chapped and cracked skin, ringworm, weeping wounds, eczema and athlete's foot.

  • Qualities: Focusing, grounding, meditative.

  • Ingredients: Pure Myrrh Oil & pure Grape Seed oil.