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Pin-and-Stretch Massage Continuing Education Class

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Product Description

This Texas Massage Therapy Continuing Education 6 hr (6 CEU) class runs from 9am - 4pm and is $140.

Pin-and-Stretch Massage

Instructor: Rick Robinette

One very effective method for helping client’s with a number of different problems is to use a technique frequently called “pin-and-stretch.” Some of the common areas that this approach could be used with include: leg and ankle, thigh and knee, forearm and wrist, arm and shoulder, and the cervical region. Learn how pin-and-stretch techniques can help with the pain and discomfort problems that these body regions sometimes produce.

You will need to bring to class
  • set of sheets, face cradle cover, bolster, pen/pencil.

    Payment Options:
  • You can pay a $40 non-refundable deposit now to hold your place in class and pay the remaining $100 when you arrive for class.
  • You can pay for the class in full at this time and owe nothing when you arrive for class. $40 of the total $140 is considered a deposit, and is non-refundable. Up to 7 days before a class, your deposit can be moved to other classes, but within 7 days of your class, your deposit will be forfeited.