Queen Helene Facial Masks

Queen Helene Facial Masks

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Product Description

Queen Helene Facial Masks gently exfoliate your skin to leave it feeling clean, soft, and smooth. Tighten and moisturize dry skin with a facial mask.

Masks can be applied, allowed to dry and then just wipe off! Easy and affordable facial treatments.

  • Mint Julep Mask:Helps dry up acne, rinse away blackheads & shrink enlarged pores
  • Mud Mask:Old fashioned, time tested treatment to soften lines and tighten sagging skin.
  • Avocado Grapefruit Mask:Removes impurities, preserves moisture and revitalizes tired skin.
  • Olive Oil Mask:Soothes, softens and refreshes skin with hydration.
  • Grape Seed Masks: Cleans clogged pores, softens facial lines and tones the skin.

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