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RiverStone Therapy - A Hot Stone Technique DVD

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Product Description

The best thing to add to your menu? Hot stone massage. Not sure how to perform it? Then the RiverStone Therapy DVD is just what you need.

Sandra Honea has been teaching Hot Stone Massage for over 12 years and she made this DVD with the therapist in mind!

RiverStone Therapy explains ways to use the hot stones, positioning your client, contraindications, plus a complete hot stone massage routine. It is 44 minutes full of live demonstrations and techniques for hot stones. She literally left no stone unturned!

  • Using the Hot Stones Safely
  • Contraindications
  • Supplies Needed
  • Stone Techniques such as: Compression, Moving Compression, Stripping, Deep Tissue Work, Placement, Basic Massage with Stones
  • Complete Massage Routine
  • Caring for your Hot Stones

    Running Time: 44 Minutes