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Warming Suit

Our PN: 0329-013

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Product Description

This warming suit is the only one that we found works with the Inch Loss Body Wrap. It will keep your table dry and you client just the right body temperature for the body wrap to do it's magic.

During the Body Wrap you want to maintain your clients body temperature and not make them sweat or have them chill. That way the pore system is open and the Body Wrap Solution can do it's job.

The warming suit is a vinyl two-piece suit that is large enough to fit most clients. The top of the suit has a zipper closure with snaps at the wrist and at the ankles. It will also help keep the solution close to the body. Just wipe your warming suit clean after each use!

Comes in XL or XXL which fits most body types. If you have larger clients you can cut the elastic waist band to make it more comfortable for them.